We believe.

A mindset change begins with the stories we tell.

Seeing ourselves and the world differently can open a door to transformation and an infinite well of possibility. We want the creativity that this unleashes to be the spark that will change the world.

We know our regional communities are a source of learning and imagination. Inclusion, diversity, and a united purpose will enable us to co-design and strengthen sustainable communities.

We are custodians. We have a choice and responsibility to design, invest in and encourage low-impact and regenerative practices that protect our life-sustaining systems for generations to come.



More than ever, we are mindful of our impact on the environment, the local economy and the lives of those living in the destination that they are visiting.

Wander is committed to a positive impact on the landscape we love and the communities around us.

Our WanderPods are:

  • Off-grid, featuring solar and water harvesting and storage and greywater recycling.
  • Divert organic waste from landfill with Subpod compost bins
  • Prefabricated to a high standard of energy efficiency.
  • Aim for a zero-waste system by restricting the use of single-use packaging, recycling and composting.
  • Supporting the incredible work of Bush Heritage Australia as they protect and regenerate bushland.


Natural wellness on Kangaroo Island

Natural wellness on Kangaroo Island

Nurture yourself in nature's embrace //In our fast-paced world, finding time to replenish our spirits has become a vital pursuit for many. Kangaroo Island offers a unique opportunity to intimately connect with abundant natural beauty in order to nourish a stronger...

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Women’s hidden battle: Finding time to nurture ourselves

Women’s hidden battle: Finding time to nurture ourselves

Reclaiming our time //In the solace of nature, women can find new strength to reassert control over their lives and reconnect with several important truths—including the need to reclaim our time. In a world where “Girl Boss” culture perpetuates unrelenting...

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Change Travel to Change the World

Change Travel to Change the World

Transform Travel to Combat Climate Change // Make your stay a force for good. If you are feeling overwhelmed by climate crisis headlines, you are not alone. Approximately 75% of young respondents in a survey published in The Lancet last year said the future is...

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