We are so consumed with survival we’ve stopped experiencing joy.
The search for meaning is one of humanity’s greatest stories.
It’s the discovery that all you need already lies within you.


We’ve never had it better.
We’re healthier, richer, more literate and live longer than ever before.
However, our demanding and hurried lifestyles have left us feeling
empty. We have normalised burn out, anxiety and overwhelm.


Travel reconnects you with the natural world and the story of the local community.

It offers the paradigm shift to the daily routine that keeps
pulling you away from your true happiness and potential.


Our culture has been formed by the smell of rain forests in the morning and the taste of outback dust in our mouths.

It’s the salt drying on our skin as we head back from the beach. We need to be reunited with our landscape.

We empower people to come alive and create a positive impact on the world. We believe travel has transformative power and provide design-led, eco accommodation that reconnects guests with nature and invites them into the story of the local community.


Our philosophy of travel is not only to escape but to find the wisdom, power and space to transform yourself and the communities around you.


Wander gives you the time and space to escape and recalibrate. Write your story. Stretch, learn, adventure and grow.


Wander connects you to nature, engages the local community, and cultivates deeper relationships.


Wander gives you renewed perspective, strength and passion to bring your best in daily life and work.


Wander gives you the opportunity to find rest, enjoy special moments, and create life long memories.


An ethereal space. Every detail in each WanderPod is deliberate and considered.

WanderPods are designed to encourage a blurring between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.

Our 1 and 2 Bedroom WanderPods are assembled on-site with a fast build, a light environmental touch, and well-designed smart features.


More than ever, we are mindful of our impact on the environment, the local economy and the lives of those living in the destination that they are visiting.

Wander is committed to a positive impact on the landscape we love and the communities around us.

Our WanderPods are:

  • Off-grid, featuring solar and water harvesting and storage, a high-tech water-saving toilet, and greywater recycling.
  • Plugged into a life-changing social enterprise.
  • Re-usable and prefabricated to a high standard of energy efficiency.
  • Aim for a zero-waste system by restricting the use of single-use packaging, recycling and composting.
  • Supporting the incredible work of Bush Heritage Australia as they protect and regenerate bushland.


Rediscovering Regional Travel

Rediscovering Regional Travel

Have you ever gone on a vacation and come back feeling more exhausted than when you left? This can most commonly occur when travelling overseas, spending hours going through customs isn’t the most relaxing start to a vacation. We tend to cram in as much sightseeing as...

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Dirty Hands (Kids In Nature)

Dirty Hands (Kids In Nature)

Is it time for kids to start learning outdoors? As adults it’s easy to overlook the benefits that spending consistent time outside can have on our health and wellbeing. Hundreds of studies over the years have linked long term health benefits to regular time spent...

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More than ever, we are mindful of our impact on the environment, the local economy and the lives of those living in the destination that we visit. Wander is committed to a positive impact on the landscape we love and the communities around us.Life in a Wanderpod is...

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Be part of something bigger

Be part of something bigger

Business as usual is over.Recent events have affected nearly everything we do in our everyday lives. Australia is in trauma, people are in isolation, our country is burning, mental health is suffering. We need to recover with a robust, sensitive and optimistic...

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This is WANDER

This is WANDER

What makes you come alive? Falling in love, new possibility, a breakthrough, growth, a new way of seeing great beauty, connection, belonging. We need to find ourselves in a larger story. We want to make a difference.In striving for meaning so many of us have bought...

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