Five Women Shaping 
Our Communities.

Here’s to the trailblazers, tastemakers, and trendsetters—the women who are transforming how we care for our planet, our heritage, and our neighbours through innovative approaches to sustainability, culture, and community. They embody the essence of inspiration, curiosity, and resilience, proving that it only takes one person and a little gumption to make all our lives better.

Ladies, we salute you and hope others find in your stories the spark that ignites their passion to make a difference.

Visionary in creating sustainable futures.

Rosie Sandover (WA)

Rosie’s dedication to the majestic landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the East Kimberleys is undeniable. Her ECO and ROC certified touring company has pledged to be single-use plastic-free while her ongoing work with the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Corporation (WAITOC) underscores her dedication to local community empowerment and sustainable Indigenous tourism.

Rosie is a role model in our industry, weaving together sustainability and respect for heritage to create powerful waves of positive change—in Western Australia and the lives she touches.

Rosie is the Director of Kingfisher Tours and Past Director of the Board of Eco Tourism Australia.

Agri-champion and author of sensory experience.

Ali Paulett (SA)

In the heart of Clare Valley, Ali invites guests to enjoy “agri-culture” in her Bush DeVine Indigenous Australian Native sensory bush food garden. The garden is a multi-sensory adventure of touch, smell, and taste, showcasing over 40 types of indigenous plants, many of which will be transformed into modern culinary delights at Paulett Wines’ on-site restaurant.

This award-winning endeavour is a testament to Ali’s commitment to bush food education (and celebration) offering a powerful lesson in future rural industry innovation.

Ali is the General Manager at Paulett Wines and the 2023 SA AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award Winner.

Pace-setter and island entrepreneur.

Jo Youl (TAS)

Jo and her family embrace a life of simplicity and connection on Flinders Island where they operate Quoin cattle farm, The Flinders Wharf restaurant, and several farm stays. The family delights in sharing their pristine island, where limited shopping and a well-stocked pantry are gifts that allow more time for fishing, diving, and picnicking.

Jo’s story is a powerful example of finding joy in slowing down and the importance of balancing business and environmental preservation to ensure a legacy that can be passed on.

Jo is the Owner and Operator of On Island Time.

Artist and community connector.

Kim Walmsley (QLD)

A descendant of the Mununjali/Wiradjuri peoples, Kim Walmsley has been a beacon of creativity and cultural education for over two decades. Her art—encompassing murals, logo designs, sculptures, and collaborative projects—serves not just as creative expression but as a powerful tool for bridging cultural divides and empowering youth within First Nations communities.

Kim believes art holds the transformative power to foster understanding and inspire change at all ages, and her inspiring life is no better demonstration.

Kim is the Manager Owner, Connector, Mentor, Visual Artist, Creator at Kimble & Co.

Connecting the world with Australia’s beauty.

Jo Gardner (VIC)

Under Josephine’s guidance, Wildflowers Australia has become a significant operation focused on increased environmental sustainability and commercial collaboration in the wildflower industry. Equally important is Jo’s continued advocacy efforts and tireless work to help Karen refugees establish themselves and flourish in regional Australia.

Jo Gardner stands out as a visionary leader in floriculture, distinguished by compassion for families and her ongoing work to champion policies that improve their lives.

Jo is the Director at Wildflowers Australia, Pty Ltd.