Our WanderPods//

More than ever, we are mindful of our impact. 

Wander is committed to a positive impact on the landscape we love and the communities around us.  More than ever, we are mindful of our impact on the environment, the local economy and the lives of those living in the destination that we visit.

Life in an eco-aware Wanderpod, is simple, intuitive and efficient. It allows you to focus on what matters. By showcasing old and new technology we care for our land and inspire guests to implement sustainable practices in the rhythms of their home and work.

WanderPod construction.

Robust and repairable, Wanderpods are eco-aware cabins built to perform in Australia’s harsh and varied climate for generations. Like Wanderers, the Pods thrive on country.

Pods are double glazed and wrapped in lightweight structural wall panels resulting in high thermal performance – ideal for low energy climate control in extreme temperatures.

Pods are constructed efficiently with modular systems and delivered to site to reduce waste material.

Pods are installed using an innovative footing system resulting in minimal ground disturbance and no need for excavation or concrete slabs.

The day to day.

Depending on their location, some Wanderpods are completely off the grid. We harvest and store solar energy and water, and recycle greywater.  Greywater passes through a treatment system before being released into a subsurface absorption trench planted out with native shrubs.

We have supplied each location with a Subpod composting bin so you can keep your organic waste out of landfill and back into restoring the earth.

With the help of our supply partners and guests, we’re aiming for a zero-waste system by recycling, composting and restricting the use of single-use packaging.

When we clean, we do it all using natural cleaning products. We take pride in serving our guests while caring for our team and protecting the environment.

Impact on landscape.

We don’t just believe in reducing our ecological impact. We want to have a positive influence on its renewal.

Wander offers landowners an opportunity to diversify their revenue by returning a portion of their land to the wilderness or leaving existing natural systems untouched. This includes regenerative planting, species protection and earthworks to stabilise and rehydrate soil.

If we ever move out of a neighbourhood, we’ll leave it better than when we found it.

Wander has partnered with Bush Heritage Australia to ensure our projects are environmentally appropriate and increase biodiversity in the areas we operate in.

Bush Heritage is a national not-for-profit that buys and manages land for conservation and partners with Aboriginal groups and other landowners (such as farmers and pastoralists), to help them plan and achieve conservation goals on their land too.

Independent and informed by science, Bush Heritage’s purpose is to return the bush to good health. Every time you book a stay in an off-grid cabin in the Wander network, we donate $10 so support their conservation work.

Sustainable community.

We’re not about becoming self-sufficient. We like the idea of cooperating with each other as a purpose-driven community. The skills, resources and wisdom of our partners are valued and used collaboratively to empower and care for people.

We celebrate the culture, story and practices of the people who make up this ecosystem and recognise that Australia’s indigenous community and traditional land management practices play a vital role in our country’s future.

We believe that committed and generous relationships are the basis for sustainable communities that have a positive impact on our planet. Our WanderPods are just one part of that.

Keep Wandering.

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