Take to the sky //

The winds we travel on have their origin in far off places and offer us unknown destinations. 

See your world differently with a private hot air balloon ride in the Green Caldera.

Meet Frank and Jay.

Born on a farm in Kenya, the freedom Frank experienced spending his early years wandering the Maasai manyattas set the tone for the rest of his life. Frank was introduced to flying balloons during his years working in game reserves and the national parks of Africa before moving to the Scenic Rim. He loves to meet like-minded people and share his knowledge and passion of the Scenic Rim landscape.
Jay has been flying balloons for over 20 years, over 2 continents and his knowledge of balloon flight operation is mind-blowing. Jay loves nothing more than to share his knowledge of the magic of flying. Whether it’s a flight over the wilds of Africa, the Australian Outback or the volcanic paradise of the Scenic Rim, Jay’s incredible knowledge is infectious.
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Wander has teamed with Queensland’s premier ballooning company, Hot Air,  to provide you with the ultimate tranquility experience. The Scenic Rim is renowned for its natural beauty and provides perfect conditions for a balloon flight, with temperate weather, stable wind and breathtaking views. With more than 40 years of combined experience flying balloons around the world, your hand-picked pilots, Frank and Jay have outstanding knowledge of the local area, and their passion for balloon flying is infectious. Their perspective on the Scenic Rim makes this an experience unlike anything else. 

The flight ignites a sense of adventure for you and your pilot, because no two flights are ever the same. You always know where you will launch, but only the wind knows for sure where you will end up. It is a tranquil, peaceful and spiritual experience. 

Your balloon basket comfortably accommodates you and up to 3 of your guests. Your flight will be approximately 1 hour, weather and wind depending, taking you up to 4,000 feet above the volcanic paradise, rolling green pastures and waterways of the Scenic Rim.


    • Experience the dreamlike nature of slow flight, taking you up to 4,000 feet above the volcanic paradise of the Scenic Rim. 

    • No two flights are ever the same. The Scenic Rim is a region renowned for its perfect conditions for a balloon flight, with temperate weather and breathtaking views.

    • Your Pilot’s incredible knowledge and their passion for flying is infectious, making this experience unlike anything else.

    The What, Where, How’s.


    Times vary seasonally but your private balloon flight will look something like this.

    Day prior

    Flying is dependent on the weather so your Pilot will call you the day before just to check in and you will receive a final SMS in the morning. Make sure you set your alarm for an early rise – it’s totally worth it!  

    4.00 – 4.30am

    You will meet your hot air balloon Pilot and crew in Beaudesert and transport you to the launch site a short drive away. Your pilot’s Frank and Jay are expert and knowledgeable guides with years of experience flying balloons around the world and your experience starts from this very first meeting.

    5.00 – 5.30am

    You arrive just in time to see the spectacular sight of your hot air balloon inflating before taking off & experiencing the unique sensation of flight over the Scenic Rim. Your expert pilots Frank and Jay will guide you, bringing you a new perspective through sharing their knowledge of the spectacular world below. Take in the sunrise, wildlife and the breath-taking landscape amongst the peace & serenity that is hot air ballooning.

    6.00 – 6.30 am

    After an hour exploring the beauty of the Scenic Rim, come back to earth and experience the magic of walking through your giant balloon as it gently deflates. Your Pilot will return you to your vehicle in Beaudesert to enjoy the rest of your day. 


    You meet your Pilot in Beaudesert, approximately a 20 minute drive from your WanderPod. You will receive instructions before your flight.

    • Your balloon is launched from nearby Beaudesert
    • Climb aboard and go where the wind takes you. 
    • Leave the pull of the earth and look down to the forested volcanic paradise and waterways of the Scenic Rim. 
    • Your Pilot and Crew will return you to your car in Beaudesert at the end of the flight
    Please note

    Your balloon flight may be able to launch from the Airstrip at Wander in the Scenic Rim if weather permits.  Your pilot will instruct you in advance if this is possible. 



    Private flights are available each day except the 25th of December. There’s only 1 private flight per day so we urge you to book early. Your Pilot will provide you with your itinerary before your flight.


    Prices are per flight and include you and up to 3 of your guests

    Monday to Friday – $1,990 

    Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays – $2,900

    The team at Wander recommends a private flight but if you’re interested in flying with other enthusiasts, Hot Air offers group flights over the Scenic Rim too. Please contact their sales team [email protected] or 07 5636 1508 to discuss your options

    Ready to see the world differently?


    Will other people be on our flight?
    No, your flight is completely exclusive for you and up to 3 of your guests + your Pilot.
    What should I wear?
    We recommend you wear casual comfortable layered clothing and flat enclosed shoes on the day of your flight, also you can wear a hat and sunglasses. Please keep in mind that the basket is 1.2mts in height with two footholds in the side to use as a step ladder to climb into and out of the basket.
    What should I bring?
    Water and sunscreen as the day warms up. The views will be spectacular so be sure to bring your phone or camera.
    What is the minimum age?
    The minimum age for riding in the balloon is 3yrs old. Children between 3yrs and 5yrs require proof of age with either a picture of their passport or birth certificate to show our Pilot on the morning.
    Why is the flight so early in the morning?

    Hot Air ballooning requires stable weather conditions which generally are at their best in the early hours of the morning as the sun is rising. In Queensland we are fortunate to have some of the best ballooning conditions in the world. We schedule departures daily all year round with a great take off rate. You will also agree that the early morning is a spectacular time to witness views from above.

    What happens if the flight is cancelled due to bad weather?

    We keep a close eye on the weather conditions. Should we need to cancel we will notify you as soon as possible before you fly. We will offer you an alternative day to fly or 100% refund.

    What happens if I cancel my flight?
    We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Outside of this time we will cancel your reservation with 100% refund. Inside 24 hours you will be offered an alternative flight date or a gift certificate to use for another flight, which is valid for 3 years.
    What if I am late to meet our Pilot?
    The timing of your flight departure is critical so any more than 10 minutes late will unfortunately result in a cancellation of your flight. Please see our cancellation policy.
    Are there any weight restrictions?

    We do not have any weight limit for passengers in our balloons. If a passenger is 100kg or more please advise upon booking as this will assist us with the correct placement in the basket. Please be aware that all passengers are required to climb into and out of the 1.2mt basket (with two footholds to use like a ladder) unaided and stand for the duration of the flight.

    Why can’t we meet the Pilot at the launch site?
    We take off at a different location everyday, depending on the wind direction and speed, so we never know in advance where that will be. The decision on a launch site location is only taken just before dawn so we are unable to say where this will be to guide you.
    Where do we land?
    The Pilot has a range of safe landing sites throughout the Scenic Rim. These are usually in fields on large, privately owned farms. The landing site is selected based on the launch site and the wind direction on the day.
    How can I contact your reservations team?
    Please direct any questions you have towards [email protected] or 07 56361508 and our sales team can help you out. 
    Can we book a private pick up and drop off from our WanderPod?
    Yes, private pickups are available. Please contact the Hot Air sales team [email protected] or 07 56361508 to discuss your options.
    Where is the best place to have breakfast after my flight?
    Wander’s concierge team can make breakfast arrangements for you by ordering a picnic basket for you or simply recommending their favourite brew and breakfast spot on the Scenic Rim.

    Need to know more?

    Please get in touch with our concierge here if you have any other questions, we are happy to help.


    The Overflow Estate 1895 Cellar Door


      • Experience the dreamlike nature of slow flight, taking you up to 4,000 feet above the volcanic paradise of the Scenic Rim. 

      • No two flights are ever the same. The Scenic Rim is a region renowned for its perfect conditions for a balloon flight, with temperate weather and breathtaking views.

      • Your Pilot’s incredible knowledge and their passion for flying is infectious, making this experience unlike anything else.

      Keep Wandering.

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