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Binna Burra. 

Lamington National Park: Binna Burra.

The name, Binna Burra, is an Aboriginal word meaning “where the beech tree grows,” referring to a stand of Antarctic Beech growing in the nearby rainforest (see the Tullawallal circuit below). In this section of the park the vegetation ranges from subtropical and temperate rainforest to dry eucalypt and open heath.

Wander in the Scenic Rim is located on the grounds of The Overflow 1895, perfectly positioned at the hub of the mountain range that forms the namesake of the region. It’s the ideal base camp for a day trip into the wilderness. This region is huge, so we recommend allowing a day for each point of the compass. Take your time – there are people to meet and treasures to discover along the way. Head to Beaudesert and then drive through beautiful rural country towards the Southern ridge.

Mapping it out.

East Scenic Rim walks map

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Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

1. Binna Burra upper day-use area



  • Trailhead for the Binna Burra walks
  • Australian Bush Turkeys on patrol
  • Picnic spot with BBQs and toilet
Set up a picnic lunch surrounded by lush subtropical rainforest and enjoy a few hours relaxing in the shade.
This is the trailhead for the Rainforest, Tullawallal, Daves Creek, Coomera, and Mount Hobwee Circuits, and the Araucaria lookout and Wagawn track (see below).
The day-use area has wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities and picnic tables. There are no wheelchair-accessible walking tracks in this section of the park.

At the end of Binna Burra Road, 3.5km from the park entrance. Find out more here.

Trip: 80 km, 1 hr 15 min from Wander in the Scenic Rim
Distance: Park right next to the picnic area 
Time on the trail: NA
Skill Level: Easy
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

2. Rainforest Circuit



  • A relaxing stroll through the forest
  • Ideal rainforest track to walk with young kids
Explore a wonderfully complex and diverse rainforest that will leave a deep and long-lasting impression. A short and easy introduction to the Binna Burra subtropical rainforest, this trail features crisp clean air, good shade, Strangler figs and Pademolons (a small marsupial).

The circuit starts 500m along the Border Track from the Binna Burra trailhead at the Binna Burra upper day-use area. Keep an eye out for the directional signage. Find out more here.

Trip: 48 km, 55 min from Wander in the Scenic Rim
Distance: 1.2 km circuit
Time on the trail: 30 min
Skill Level: Easy walk with a formed track and gentle hills. No bushwalking experience required.
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

3. Tullawallal Circuit



  • Ancient Antarctic beech forest
  • Short walk with varied landscape
Visit the most accessible cool temperate rainforest in the park and the northernmost patch of Antarctic beech forest in Australia. The landscape along the track gradually changes from warm, subtropical rainforest dotted with strangler figs, plank buttresses, vines and epiphytes (air plants), to a cool temperate rainforest of mosses and ferns. Look for these transformations in the rainforest as you walk. The trail leads you to a magical pocket of Antarctic beech trees surrounded by moss covered boulders – one of our remaining links with the ancient forests of Gondwana.

The circuit starts 1.9km along the Border Track from the Binna Burra trailhead at the Binna Burra upper day-use area. Find out more here.

Trip: 52 km, 55 min from Wander in the Scenic Rim
Distance: 5 km circuit (we recommend you walk clockwise)
Time on the trail: 1.5 hr
Skill Level: Moderate. Formed track that has short steep hill sections, a rough surface and many steps.
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

4. Daves Creek Circuit



  • Spectacular views
  • The go to walk for a half day adventure
Fascinating forests, unusual volcanic features, magnificent views and a perfect picnic spot make this one of the best walks in the park. The circuit passes through several distinctive vegetation types including giant red cedars, lush rainforest and open bushland with stunning views to the surrounding mountains. When you see the sign for Surprise Rock continue along the path about 200m and at the fork take the path that heads towards the rock. From here you can scramble up the rock for a bonus view.

The circuit starts 2.3km along the Border Track from the trailhead at the Binna Burra upper day-use area. Find out more here.

Trip: 52 km, 55 min from Wander in the Scenic Rim
Distance: 12 km circuit
Time on the trail: 4 hrs
Skill Level: Moderate. Rough track with long and very steep sections and few directional signs. 

This region also has some wonderful full day walks (hikes). Find out more about our custom day hike experiences here.

Want to get a glimpse of what awaits you? Check out the beautifully shot first episode of Back To Nature as they Discover The Green Cauldron.

Food & Drink.

While you’re on the road, you might want to make a few stops to fuel up and reflect. Remember to travel with purpose and keep your eyes open. Here are some of our favourites – and they’re on the way.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

A. Grooms Cottage & Bushwalkers Bar



  • Excellent tap beers and grazing plates
  • Upstairs reading room
After a day on the trail, reflect with an afternoon drink or a tasty mountain meal and soak in the casual and cosy atmosphere. Watch the sun set on the terrace or retreat inside around the fire for those colder evenings. During the day, you can relax on the grass or in the heritage reading room upstairs and enjoy spectacular views down the Numinbah Valley and over the Hinze Dam.
This heritage building was the home of Arthur Groom, who established Binna Burra Lodge (along with Romeo Lahey). Open daily from 4.30-7pm.

Binna Burra Lodge, 1069 Binna Burra Rd, Binna Burra. Find out more here.

Trip: 80 km, 1 hr 20 min from Wander in the Scenic Rim
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

B. The Binna Burra Tea House



  • Cafe, restaurant, bar, and local produce
  • 3-course Dinner in the Binna Burra Conservatory
A cafe, bar and restaurant with breathtaking views down the Numinbah Valley, the Tea House also offers a well-equipped shop with a small range of groceries, basic supplies, gift items and more. A short walk from the Lamington National Park trail heads.

Binna Burra Lodge, 1069 Binna Burra Rd, Binna Burra (drive right to the end of the road). Find out more here.

Trip: 80 km, 1 hr 20 min from Wander in the Scenic Rim
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

C. Sarabah Estate Vineyard



  • A hub of good food and wine with welcoming hosts
  • Picnic in the vines or olive grove
Sarabah Estate Vineyard is a family owned estate and vineyard hidden in a valley along Lamington National Park Road. The Chalet Bistro offers quality meals and produce, supporting the locals and their farms with a farm to table concept that includes their own kitchen garden. Take a picnic into the vines or olive grove, or meet the farm animals and house alpacas. There’s also wood fired pizza, home made cheese and very good gelato…

46 Rymera Rd, Sarabah. Open Friday to Sunday. Find out more here.

Trip: 62 km, 55 min from Wander in the Scenic Rim or 40 km, 45 min from the Binna Burra upper day-use area.

If you know of a great place or meaningful experience that we haven’t featured here, please reach out and let us know. We are always on the look out for ways to travel with purpose.

Keep Wandering.

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