Kangaroo Island day walks //

Learning to go at a slower pace. 

Discover a lost world.

Remote coastlines, vast national parks, seasonal waterfalls, and fresh, fresh air beckon the bushwalker to Kangaroo Island.

Wander on Kangaroo Island is located in the middle of the north coast and is the ideal base camp for a day trip into the wilderness. The island is huge, so we recommend allowing a day for each point of the compass. Take your time and find a great spot to have a picnic – there are people to meet and treasures to discover along the way. 

Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

Kingscote Coastal Walk

To the north

Kangaroo Island has many walks and hikes that can be done any time of year. From a casual stroll through one of the Island’s town centres to a saunter along a sandy beach at sunset, there is plenty to entice you out of your vehicle and take in the world at a much slower pace.

Best day walk

      Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

      Hanson Bay Hike

      To the south

      The Bald Hill walk provides spectacular views overlooking Murray Lagoon and is an ideal spot to observe a variety of wetland birds as they feed from the lagoon below. In the distance the visitor can see the dense bush and impressive sand-dunes of the Cape Gantheaume Wilderness Protection Area to the south.

      For waterbird lovers, Curley Creek Hike in Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park provides picturesque views of the island’s largest inland waterbody, Murray Lagoon. A delight when filled with migratory waders, the best views are from Bald Hill. 

      Best day walks

      Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

      Ironstone Hill Walk

      To the east

      The walk at Cape Willoughby Lightstation will take you into the sheltered bay of the 1853 settlement of the early lighthouse keepers, and provide some insight into the construction of the lighthouse, their routine and isolation.

      Best day walks

        Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

        Cape du Couedic and Admirals Arch

        To the west

        Winter bushwalking has it all on Kangaroo Island. Invigorating treks in bracing winds straight off the Southern Ocean one day; serene cliff-top or beach walks in sunny and calm conditions the next. Even the strongest wind drops to a breeze once you enter the dense coastal mallee or forested valleys of most trails. But the stormiest days are memory making – you won’t forget an elemental immersion at exposed locations like Cape du Couedic.

        If you know of a great place or meaningful experience that we haven’t featured here, please reach out and let us know. We always love hearing about new places.

        Keep Wandering.

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