An island of four seasons //

Let the transformation of the land and skies shift your soul

A land that leaves you altered and made anew, each visit to Kangaroo Island is completely different.  Watch as the golden hills of summer transform to bright green horizons in winter, and how the skies recreate themselves in front of you as the clouds dance between pockets of sunlight.


It seems like everything sleeps in winter, but winter on Kangaroo Island is a time of renewal and reflection. Bright, crisp mornings and puffs of frosty breath; waterfalls, lush pastures and bushland, babbling streams; and dramatic seascapes.

Winter is the best time for seeking out wildlife, the best time for bushwalking and, of course, a welcoming crackling fire.  It is the time when Kangaroo Island comes into its own as a force-of-nature destination.

Winter is whale time, particularly Southern Right Whales which visit KI each year. Look for them close inshore along the north and south coasts where mothers may rest with young in more sheltered bays.


Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander


The season which reminds us how beautiful change can be.

Spring on Kangaroo Island is the season of exquisite redemption and rejuvenation of life, where nature rebirths and brings new life. It is the time of new beginnings, new possibilities when the land awakens.  The first taste of spring is in August, when the warming days bring small critters and animals out, and where plants are inspired to sprout fresh and bright new green growth. Picturesque morning mists see dewy native vegetation and excited birdsong herald days of calmer seas and burgeoning life everywhere.

Rise early and listen for bird song in the bush. In spring the birds are loud and proud on Kangaroo Island. Most species are nesting, and the air is filled with birdsong calling for mates.



Summer is singing with joy, and the beaches invite you with dancing waves.

From wild, crashing waves on the west coast to tranquil bays in the east, the waters of Kangaroo Island dazzle with their shades of azure and turquoise, contrasting sharply with the gleaming white sands, enticing you in for a swim. Swimming, snorkelling and kayaking suit the summer mood and the benefit of being an island is that locations are abundant.

Beaches are popular in summer – the north coast for generally calmer swimming and the south coast for the more experienced and adventurous.  No matter where, the azure blue ocean will delight those that venture in or choose to admire from the crisp white sand.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander


The soothing season where leaves blissfully flutter, and when life starts all over again, showing growth and transformation.  The soft light and warm days of autumn are among the best to experience the real essence of Kangaroo Island.

Warm days suffused with sunlight set the backdrop for a relaxing post-summer getaway. The samphire meadows glow red and set off the grey trunks of the paperbarks.


Keep Wandering.

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