Hosting a WanderPod®//

Discover five benefits of hosting a WanderPod® on your land. 

An essential part of the Wander experience is about giving our guests access to some of the most unique and beautiful locations across Australia in the comfort of luxury accommodation. To realise this vision, we knew we needed to partner with the local heroes of regional Australia.

The premise is simple. Wander leases a small area of land from a landowner and provides one (or more) of its WanderPods. A guest stays in the Pod and the landowner receives a percentage of the nightly fee.

The benefits of hosting a WanderPod are many, but here are the 5 key benefits every landowner should know about:

Extra income.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. By hosting WanderPods on your land, you are able to earn a cut of each booking. Hosting a WanderPod is a fantastic way to earn a hassle-free passive income. It is the perfect solution for farmers looking to diversify their income or regional landowners and businesses seeking to unlock extra income from their beautiful property.

Support your local community.

The end of 2019 and what we have seen so far of 2020 has been rough. Bushfires, pandemic, you name it, Australia has been hit hard. Rural areas, in particular, have been hit unfairly hard. Before these devastating occurrences, Wander has always been committed to supporting rural areas and economies, but our commitment has intensified as a result of our recent history.

Hosting a WanderPod on your land helps create local service work to maintain the Pod, drives tourism to local activities and hospitality to help the local economy, and most importantly actively encourages Australians to travel within Australia when our country and local communities need it most.

No need to become a hotel manager.

While opening a BnB in the country may appeal to some, for others, the day to day of managing bookings, washing sheets, making sure guests are happy, can be consuming, especially when you may already have another business to run. That’s why Wander will take care of the heavy lifting and daily management for you.

If you already have an existing tourism business and want to interact with the guests, we encourage landowners to offer activities, classes, food, etc. However, if you simply wish to have no interaction with the guest, the WanderPod and the guest experience will go on seamlessly without you having to lift a finger.

A light touch sustainable solution.

The WanderPod has a light touch on the land and a fast-build on site. The WanderPod is not a permanent structure and is off grid, requiring no additional plumbing or power by the landowner. 

Sustainable travel is a rapidly growing trend in the tourism industry. Every aspect of the WanderPod is designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate a person’s impact on the environment. Hosting a WanderPod gives you a chance to be part of something bigger, a movement that showcases more of this beautiful country at less of a cost to the environment around us.

No capital required.

For most of us, making an investment generally means having cash on hand. The difference here is that Wander requires land, spectacularly beautiful land. Here’s how it works: Wander owns and builds the Pod —> leases space on your land for that Pod —> a guest stays in the Pod —> you receive a cut of the night accommodation price. 

Hosting a WanderPod on your land does not require purchasing the Pod. This allows the right landowner/s a unique investment opportunity without a significant capital investment.

Here is what we ask from you.

As Wander relies on partnering with the right landowners, Wander’s land profile screening process is specific and sites are only accepted if they fit our land profile criteria. This way we can guarantee that our guests have a magical experience wherever they land in Australia.

For more information and enquires about becoming a host of a WanderPod visit the Host with us page, here, or download the Landowner Information pack by clicking the button below

Keep Wandering.

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