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Grab a beach all to yourself and see what life is like under the surface

Kangaroo Island is beautiful and it is common to have an entire beach to yourself. This is an experience our crowded world craves. Sheltered rock pools will cast its spell amongst adults and children alike, home to a number of different species that thrive in the sheltered waters alongside the open sea.

Remember to check local conditions before heading out as the coastline around the island can be rough.

Surrounded by 540 kilometres of spectacular coastline, incredible pristine waters and a wildly diverse marine life is Kangaroo Island. Be free from the weight of gravity and sink beneath the surface to be rewarded with mysterious and beautiful wildlife; fish, sponges, crabs, seahorses, reefs, rays, and more.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

Photo by Ben Goode

Western River Cove

Far away from any crowds, and only a short drive from your WanderPod, Western River Cove is a hidden gem with great visibility for underwater exploration.  Follow the red dirt roads to the car park where you’ll then cross a footbridge to get to the beach.  For the best spots, go to the western headland and you may find yourself swimming with a few sealions. 



  • Easy access on the north coast and also a great lunch spot
  • Plenty of reef fish like Blue Groper, Horseshow Leather Jacket and Banded Seaperch
  • Good visibility and well protected
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

Photo by Camille – All About Adventure

Harvey’s Return

If you get a calm day and are up for the steep walk to get there, this place is well worth it.  Located on Western Kangaroo Island, this rocky cove is full of giant Blue Groper and rugged rock formations.  You’ll most likely have this place to yourself, but make sure beach access is open before you head out.



  • Those who take on the challenge to get there could be rewarded with seeing blue gropers, harlequin fish and rainbow cale.
  • Stunning rock formations showing the earth’s story over thousands of years.
  • One of the most secluded parts of the island.
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

Photo by Explore Shaw

Vivonne Bay

One of the jewels of the island – the best snorkling at Vivonne Bay is around they jetty and towards Point Ellen, it is also the safest.  Vivonne can be prone to swell and rips so be sure to check out the conditions before you arrive. 



  • Encounter southern goatfish, smooth stingray and dusky morong.
  • Brilliant azure rock pools to laze in all day. 
  • Easy access with beautiful long stretches of white sand.
Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Wander

Photo by SATC

Red Banks

See the bright red cliffs warm themselves as the sun sets, just 15 minutes from American River.  Many fish can be seen in the sandy seagrass areas and in shallow waters.  Be careful heading down to the beach as the trail can be steep in some areas and is sometimes slippery. 



  • One of the island’s best kept secrets.
  • See the colours of the giant cliffs change throughout the day as the earth falls away to the sea.
  • There are a few deeper reefs further out for those more experienced.

Don’t forget.

The weather conditions on Kangaroo Island can be rough, and change quickly.  Make sure you do your research, get local advice and assess weather conditions before getting wet.  Stay safe underwater by keeping a respectful distance from marine life.

Keep your eye out for Seadragons which are only found in southern Australian waters.

Keep Wandering.

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