This is WANDER


What makes you come alive?

Falling in love, new possibility, a breakthrough, growth, a new way of seeing great beauty, connection, belonging. We need to find ourselves in a larger story.

We want to make a difference.

In striving for meaning so many of us have bought into the lie that our value is based on performance.

We find our identity in what we can produce, and it drives us to produce more and more.

We believe that we don’t need something more, we need something real.

We need to rediscover the power of rest.

We need to find peace in who we are and what we’ve been given. We need to practice gratitude. Then we can grow and be effective in our world. Being precedes doing. We do our best, when we are at our best.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Therman

Imagine if you could empower people to come alive and create a positive impact on the world.

Imagine a holiday that wasn’t just about escape but about finding the wisdom, the strength, and the space to help others.

Imagine returning with a new perspective, shaped by the people and experiences of your journey – ready to live well.

Wander is an ally of the Transformational Travel Council and share their mission to create change by empowering, guiding and supporting travellers in their pursuit of personal growth and global understanding The Wander experience creates a space for connection.

To yourself.
To each other.
To community.
To country.

Wanderers thrive by landing themselves on country.

We have a unique relationship to our landscape.

Our culture has been formed by the smell of rain forests in the morning and the taste of outback dust in our mouths.

It’s the salt drying on our skin as we head back from the beach.

We need to be reunited with the natural world, with the ancient paths.

Land on country.
Stop. Listen.
Breathe. Act.

On our doorsteps lie the richly diverse communities and ecosystems of regional Australia.

They are the keepers of local secrets and their renowned Australian-flavoured hospitality. These communities are ready and willing to embrace us and to share the joy, spirit, and beauty of our land and culture.
We have partnered with the custodians of this timeless land to create a place for transformation. WanderPod. Your own cabin in the woods, your own slice of wilderness. A looking-glass cocoon of simple luxury resting on unrepeatable positions of natural value.
Kick-off your shoes, feel the breeze and step out on a self-led journey of discovery. Recalibrate, adventure, grow, and return to live a powerful life.

Let’s go for a wander.

Keep wandering…

Water view 2 Bedroom King WanderPod

Water view 2 Bedroom King WanderPod

✔️ Off Grid ✔️  King bed
✔️ 35sqm Internal ✔️  15sqm Deck
✔️ Outdoor Bath ✔️  BBQ
✔️ Indoor Fireplace ✔️  Outdoor Firepit

Perched next to a giant granite rock formation, you can enjoy the stunning lake views from your deck. The sound of the breeze rushing through the Wattle trees falls silent and the sun bathes the mountain in a warm glow before finding its resting place.

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