Have you ever gone on a vacation and come back feeling more exhausted than when you left? This can most commonly occur when travelling overseas, spending hours going through customs isn’t the most relaxing start to a vacation. We tend to cram in as much sightseeing as possible, leaving little time for the unwind our body needs. Instead, we focused on finding the best restaurant on Tripadvisor within the area or taking the perfect photo for Instagram. We miss the surroundings that make our travel experiences organic and authentic.

As a society have we begun to confuse relaxation with laziness while on vacation? 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics until the lockdowns, Australians were making more overseas trips than ever before. In 2018-2019, a record was set with 11.2m trips taken overseas by Australians. In Richard Glover’s book The Land Before Avocados, he describes a simpler time in the 1970s when the typical Australian family would cram into the back of a Holden Station Wagon, with an esky full of sandwiches and car snacks on the search for the nearest coastal or country town to holiday at. Now with the availability of cheaper flights and more carriers, the family holiday for many Australians has turned into a 23-hour flight to Europe to escape the Aussie winter. But has this habit of travel inhibited the reset and rejuvenation our bodies need?

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Clinical psychologist Deborah Mulhern recently told Business Insider that “neuroscience is showing that we require downtime in order for our bodies to go through the process of restoration. Without time and opportunity to do this, the neural connections that produce feelings of calm and peacefulness become weaker, making it more difficult to shift into less-stressed modes”.

With travel restrictions still in place, and many desperate to return to nature, more Aussie families are seeking vacations in their own backyard. Experiencing what their state and nearest coastal or country towns have to offer. Travel reports suggest that Australians are now planning more frequent and short weekend vacations rather than waiting until they are burnt out. This allows travellers to return to their usual daily schedules feeling more productive, creative, and rejuvenated. With this sort of travel comes a shift in mindset and an ability to go back to basics and access what is important, which for many right now is travel that involves spending time in nature. We have so much natural beauty in Australia, it’s a shame it’s taken a global pandemic for many Australians to see and appreciate what we have on offer.  

At Wander, we have always believed that travel reconnects you with the natural world and the story of the local community. Rediscover regional travel with Wander at https://wander.com.au 

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Water view 2 Bedroom King WanderPod

Water view 2 Bedroom King WanderPod

✔️ Off Grid ✔️  King bed
✔️ 35sqm Internal ✔️  15sqm Deck
✔️ Outdoor Bath ✔️  BBQ
✔️ Indoor Fireplace ✔️  Outdoor Firepit

Perched next to a giant granite rock formation, you can enjoy the stunning lake views from your deck. The sound of the breeze rushing through the Wattle trees falls silent and the sun bathes the mountain in a warm glow before finding its resting place.

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