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Why host a WanderPod®?

Wander is seeking landowners in key destinations in all Australian states and territories to create a network of beautiful Wander locations.

Wander leases private land with spectacular natural scenery, allowing guests to access beautiful parts of Australia and local culture, while unlocking potential income for landowners. 


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Who we are looking for.

Our story starts with a network of magic places showcasing Australian natural heritage and beauty.

We are looking for landowners who want a simple, sustainable accommodation model to be able to thrive.

Get in touch if you own:

  • Regional land with spectacular scenery
  • Vineyards
  • Farms
  • Acreage
  • Walking Trails
  • Tourist Activity Business
  • Traditional Land
  • Land banked sites
  • Public land and parks

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Join the Wander community and rebuild yours.

Connect with people who are ready to fall in love with country all over again.

Your country.

‘It was a pleasure to share our special place with two individuals with taste, sensitivity and an understanding of extraordinary locations. I recognise our almost unique synergies, marvellous opportunities and potentially rewarding futures together.’
‘If only all commercial discussions could be so courteous, constructive and satisfying.’


Going under

Going under

Take a difference perspective // Grab a beach all to yourself and see what life is like under the surface Kangaroo Island is beautiful and it is common to have an entire beach to yourself. This is an experience our crowded world craves. Sheltered rock pools will cast...

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Island day walks

Island day walks

Kangaroo Island day walks // Learning to go at a slower pace. Discover a lost world. Remote coastlines, vast national parks, seasonal waterfalls, and fresh, fresh air beckon the bushwalker to Kangaroo Island. Wander on Kangaroo Island is located in the middle of the...

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A transformation of land and sky

A transformation of land and sky

An island of four seasons // Let the transformation of the land and skies shift your soul A land that leaves you altered and made anew, each visit to Kangaroo Island is completely different.  Watch as the golden hills of summer transform to bright green horizons in...

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Where the wild things grow

Where the wild things grow

Island bloom // Discover a land of wild orchids and bioluminescent mushrooms. Kangaroo Island’s abundant native flora frames its sense of place. Around half of Kangaroo Island’s 4500 square kilometres is native vegetation – along roadsides and creeks, and in enormous...

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