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Business as usual is over.

Recent events have affected nearly everything we do in our everyday lives. Australia is in trauma, people are in isolation, our country is burning, mental health is suffering. We need to recover with a robust, sensitive and optimistic approach to renewal both on a personal and national level.

Travel and reconnection to country is a powerful catalyst to positively transform individuals and regional communities. We must not look to “return to normal” but rather, work to transition our world to a truly sustainable future. This is a rare moment in history where we can choose what ‘normal’ we want to return to. We believe we can drive the change we want to see.

Every day, millions of people in Australia are feeling called to action. Standing together and embracing renewal. There are many extraordinary ways that people can healing themselves, contribute to regrowing our communities sustainably and show the world what is possible.

Our values are shifting, taking us into a new age of travel. Travellers across all demographics are after a more engaging, meaningful and positive experience that impacts their lives, ecological footprint, social purpose, relationships and mindfulness.

Travellers will be more conscious than ever of their impact on their destination. The new generation of travellers believe in brands that are mission driven and reflect such mindsets, with wellness and personal progress at the forefront of their minds. They are connective, creative, and culturally acquisitive. Instead of acting as consumers who deplete the resources of the destinations they travel to and work in, they will aim to leave a positive impact, going from consumption to contribution.

Nature, silence, and solitude are the last remaining luxuries we have.

Wander creates a national network of eco accommodation that helps customers reconnect with themselves and nature, while inviting them into the story of the local community. Wander is the sustainable solution where you can land on country, find space for personal transformation and contribute to regional economic renewal. Stop. Listen. Breathe. It is the essential and urgent healing balm that Australia needs now more than ever.

Wander is a desperately needed product in many regional areas of Australia that don’t have access to quality accommodation yet have the demand from a sustainable volume of high yield visitors. The recent bushfires, travel bans and global trends towards sustainable travel have only highlighted the necessity to drive Australians to stay and travel in Australia, and fall in love with country again. Wander’s operations are deeply connected to the local ecosystem with up to 30% of our revenue directly benefiting local communities. We believe this is a critical component to our operations as we create a positive impact on the people and places we interact with.

Land in Wander country and fall in love with the new category of transformation tourism that transforms communities and lives.

Join us.

Keep wandering…

Water view 2 Bedroom King WanderPod

Water view 2 Bedroom King WanderPod

✔️ Off Grid ✔️  King bed
✔️ 35sqm Internal ✔️  15sqm Deck
✔️ Outdoor Bath ✔️  BBQ
✔️ Indoor Fireplace ✔️  Outdoor Firepit

Perched next to a giant granite rock formation, you can enjoy the stunning lake views from your deck. The sound of the breeze rushing through the Wattle trees falls silent and the sun bathes the mountain in a warm glow before finding its resting place.

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